NOTE: All Prices Listed Are Estimates

Playable Condition

Playable Condition includes up to 4 pads, refitting flute tenons, up to 2 clarinet or oboe tenon corks, refitting saxophone neck & replacing neck cork, checking springs, leveling pafs and keys, regulate action, replace up to 4 damaged/missing keycorks, check/adjust springs, oil/grease and final play test.

Cleaning Only

Includes cleaning instrument and polishing keys. Instrument is cleaned using a soap & water solution or chemically cleaned where necessary. This is for cleaning and disinfecting only. No repair work or part replacement is included and play-ability is not guaranteed.


Includes all new pads, new tenon corks, new key corks as needed, recondition/replace springs as needed, recondition/replace springs as needed, straighten bent keys, cleaning, seat all pads, regulate action, oil/grease, final adjustments and play-test.

Note: Intermediate and pro model instrument charges are extra and will require an estimate from our repair tech. Dent work is extra.

Individual Woodwind Repairs

(minimum repair charge is $30.00)

Key Corks – $3.65 each
Replace Pad – $13.75 each
Springs – $15.00 each
Solder – $30.00 (first), $14.00 (each additional)
Silver Solder – $43.00 each
Tenon Corks – $23.00 each
Sax Neck Corks – $25.00 each
Piccolo Head Cork – $25.00
Flute Head Cork – $25.00
Refit Flute Tenon – $36.00 each
Replace Thumbrest (Clarinet or Oboe)- $22.00
Replace Case Latch – $25.00 each
Replace Case Hinge – $25.00 each
Replace Plastic Handle – $35.00
New Sax Guard – $25.00 each
Refit Flute/Sax Tenon – $15.00 each


NOTE: All Prices Listed Are Estimates

Playable Condition

Includes minor bell dents (bell to rear brace); cleaning and polishing of valves and slides; refitting slides; replacing valve felts, waterkey corks, guides and springs as needed; pull valves & slides; solder up to one broken joint; relube/oil; final adjustments and play-test.

There will be additional charges for excessive dent work, more than one solder point and for very stuck valves and slides.

Flush & Chemical Clean

Instrument is disassembled and all parts are chemically cleaned. Tubing is brushed inside and out. Instrument is lubricated and play-tested.


Includes internal chemical cleaning, plus re-plating of re-lacquering the instrument. We will call with an estimate after the tech has inspected the instrument. Average Overhaul waiting time is 5 weeks.

We will call with prices for any repairs not listed.

Individual Brass Repairs

Pull stuck mouthpiece – $20.00
Re-Thread Valve Casing – $23.00 (first) $7.00 (each additional)
Pull Frozen Slide – $25.00 each
Replace Valve Springs – $12.00 each
Pull Stuck Valve – $25.00 each
Realign Valves – $49.00
Replace Valve Corks & Felts – $27.00
Repair out-of-round or dented valve casing – $40.00 (first) $29.00 (each additional)
Adjust Trombone Slide – $38.00
Solder Brace – $25.00 (first), $12.00 (each additional)
Silver Solder – $39.00 each
Replace Water Key – $28.00
Replace Water Key Cork – $3.65
Replace Case Latch – $25.00 each
Replace Case Hinge – $25.00 each
Replace Handle – $35.00 each
Hone Valves (Pumice) & Flush Casing Only – $95.00 each
Flush & Silver Polish Trumpet – $90.00 each
Restring Single Horn Valve – $30.00 (first), $12.00 (each additional)
Restring Double Horn Valve – $34.00 (first), $13.00 (each additional)
Rethread Valve Casing – $23.00
Clean Individual Rotor Valve – $23.00 each
Repair Frozen Hinge Rod – $12.00
Repair Bent Valve or Casing – $50.00 each